Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much can i earn ?

That depends from your device , if you have a device with strong CPU performance then you can earn more.

2. Does the miner work on Mobile devices?

Yes , but the miner will drain your mobile battery fast.

3. Can i change my BTC addres ?

Sorry but no , you can change other crypto-currencies addres but for the Bitcoin this function is disabled.

4. Where can i withdraw my earnings ?

For now you can withdraw your earnings only in your Faucethub microwallet.

5. Why i can't withdraw my earnings ?

You need to have minimum withdrawal amount , but since we have a lot of traffic maybe our funds drain and you need to wait until we fill them again.

6. I added kscoins miner-code in my website , where will go all my earnings ?

All earnings from your users will go direct to your kscoins BTC balance.

7. Where will go all my referal earnings ?

We created unique balance for referal earnings where you can withdraw if you have minimum withdrawal amount.

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