Kscoins AutoFaucet

What is Auto-Faucet ?

Auto-faucet is a simple script which allow users to get small amount of cryptocurrencies every minute just by leaving the tab where script is running open.This script help you to get higher level in faucethub and also earn crypto when you are watching youtube.

WarningYou need to have faucethub account if you want to recieve coins.

InfoWe do not use hidden miner so feel free to use our service (autofaucet).

Supported Coins & Rewards for every 2 minutes

Blackcoin Ethereum Litecoin Bitcore Dogecoin Bitcoin Cash Primecoin POT coin Peercoin
3600 BLK 8 ETH 10 LTC 98 BTX 60000 DOGE 6 BCH 1470 XPM 5200 POT 126 PPC
Good News - We changed coinhive captcha to solvemedia captcha , we hope that you will not have any problem with captcha anymore.

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